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Alien Eye

4.1 ( 2101 ratings )
Divertissement Éducation
Développeur TopFloorStudio, LLC

Welcome to the Alien Eye viewer for humans based on the XR-5000 technology. This will turn your primitive phone device into a viewer capable of looking deep inside nearly any object. Our first specimen is a human. Soon, well have all sorts of intergalactic goodies for your curious minds to discover!

See first hand where the human heart is located and learn interesting facts about it. Explore the human skeletal system and maybe even ponder an alien brain...ewwwwww!

Recent reviews:

"Fun and educational. The app kept my childs attention. She giggled and asked questions. What more could we hope for?"

"Eye candy with brains. A lot of fun for a small package."

"Great app! Cant wait to see the other intergalactic goodies!"

"The kids laughed the whole time. It was a great tool to keep the class focused on learning."